Dowa Thermotech Co., Ltd. one of the top furnace manufacturers and heat treaters globally is pleased to announce that  Dowa will be entering the European market to offer their latest state of art cutting edge technologies in the field of heat treating  for the European market.

The equipment’s offered to the European market will take into account user preferences in terms of makes/ assemblies complying with European standards in terms of furnace operation.

This initiative by Dowa will be supported on ground by a new relationship and partner ITALSTART supported by ITALSTART’s subsidiary MEAPFORNI for furnace parts, after sales and maintenance.

Technology by Dowa with active support from ITALSTART on sales and service will offer unmatched quality of service and support.

DOWA and ITALSTART are confident that technically advanced HT systems  supported by an efficient sales and service support will bridge a long felt need of European customers.

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